At Your Next Event, Your Guests Will Cheer If You Contact The Rapping Professor HERE!

Welcome to a new concept in event entertainment--Gift RapsTM!

The Rapping ProfessorTM gathers information on your private, corporate or conference event, writes it up into an original song or rap, and performs it live at the event, getting the audience involved. He also records it in the studio and can produce a CD or DVD for each attendee to take home as a souvenir to relive the experience.

Have you ever had the pleasure of hearing your name mentioned in a live song? This unique entertainment really personalizes your event, and separates it from all others. Learn about the Rapping ProfessorTM on this website, and contact us about how we can spice up your next event!

The Rapping Professor is also an experienced multilingual (English, Chinese, French, Bahasa) MC/event host, commercial voice talent, language instructorand intercultural corporate trainer.